21 November 2022

Day of dignity and freedom

Today, November 21, Ukraine marks the beginning of two revolutions, the Orange Revolution and the Revolution of Dignity.

Belarusians have always supported Ukraine in defending democracy and citizen's rights, but it is the "Revolution of Dignity" that resonates with great pain in our hearts. It was in those days that our hero gave his life, the first Belarusian Mikhail Zhiznevskii to die.

This is the first victim of the Belarusian people in recent history. Belarusians are still fighting on the side of Ukraine, because we share the desire and right of the people to live without the dictatorship and oppression of the imperial neighbor, both in Ukraine and in Belarus.

We congratulate you friends! We will fight with you to complete victory!

Дапамагчы Палку!

Шукаем тых, хто гатовы дапамагаць беларускім добраахвотнікам

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