15 Сакавік 2022

Dear people of the good will around the world, please…

Dear people of the good will around the world, please join the Anti-Putin coalition with all our common strength! We, belarusians, members of the Anti-Lukashenko, pro-democracy resistance, joined all our forces to resist Russian agression, and our Belarusian Batallion will defend Kyiv with our lives! We invite all brothers around the world, who are true, to join and support our fight!

Please share our message, let more people join to stop the Kremlin menace to Europe

Trusted volunteers of Belarusian Batallion: @belbatv +380670109129

Jan @Froki327 +380934539397

Our accounts: USD IBAN: PL23102011850000410203263472 (SWIFT): BPKOPLPW

EUR IBAN:PL18102011850000430203263464 (SWIFT):BPKOPLPW


ETH: 0x4046e64b1CDCb177b2ca5C8D1DDd6F0799669251

BTC: bc1q9m80vudsa3gxcwlafuw38fp6gqttva608hzw0e

USDT (trc) TN6P7KqSXjHtA8B4Skhu13FbB8ZxQtdu5x

Paypal: [email protected]

Bank cards in HRN Monobank: 5375414126301919

All your questions are welcome here — @BelarusAndUkraineBot

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