26 May 2023

Today we said goodbye to Miraslau Lazouski

A person's life is unique, unrepeatable and therefore has great value! Miraslau fought for it all his life, not only with words, but also with deeds.

He was a Belarusian social and political figure, a book publisher, one of the leaders of the White Legion, and one of the most professional combat commanders of the Kalinouski Regiment. He gave his life so that the next generation would not live in slavery. Because slavery is the worst humiliation for a free person.

Miraslau fought this evil until the end of his life! And Miraslau died as a hero, in battle, covering the retreat of his wounded brothers. He died free, of his own choosing, not at the behest of fear or passion. Even the fear of death cannot change the actions of a free man, for he is free from the power of fear. He is above fear. He is the master of fear, not his slave.

Only in freedom can a person love, and there is no greater love than when a person lays down his soul for his friends! This is the spirit of the warrior, choice, love and freedom, and the highest reward - immortality!

We will never forget you. With your work, you inspired and will continue to inspire those who stood next to you in this war with Russia. You have joined the ranks of the best of us and are already watching from heaven as we continue our common work.

Today, each of us, for the last time, told you what we wanted, but did not have time during your lifetime...

We will definitely win!

Long live Belarus and Glory to Ukraine!

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