17 May 2023

The "Volat" battalion suffered losses

During the operation near Bakhmut, the Volat Battalion of the Kalinouski Regiment suffered losses.

Unfortunately, one warrior died. Another four, at the moment, are considered missing, but definitely not in captivity. We cannot reveal the details of the operation now. Also, the identities of the soldiers will not be revealed for security reasons.

We are in contact with the relatives of the dead and missing soldiers.

Several more fighters were wounded of varying degrees of severity. Now their lives are not in danger.

Today is a difficult day not only for the Kalinouski Regiment, but also for the entire Belarusian people. This war continues to claim Belarusian heroes. Heroes who gave the most precious thing to defeat the aggressor - their own lives.

We appeal to all media. Please take all information about what is happening from our official sources so as not to endanger those who continue to carry out the operation. Be patient. Thank you for your understanding.

Despite our losses, we continue the path to victory!

Long live Belarus and Glory to Ukraine!

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