09 May 2023

Victory Day

The video shows the usual Ukrainian city of Bakhmut. In this state, hundreds of cities and villages of Ukraine celebrate Victory Day over Nazism in 2023...

And in Russia and Belarus, “victory parades” are now taking place: the old dictators say something from the tribunes, the crowd rejoices, remembering that terrible war that claimed millions of lives. Do thay want to repeat? They succeeded in it. Only they imitated the wrong side... They are repeating the crimes of the Nazis on the land of the people who fought against them. Fought and won!

Kalinouski Regiment has not changed its ideals and stands together with the Ukrainians in defense the right of every people to self-determination!

We remember the past and fight today!

Soon we'll have two days of victory, and they won't have a single...

Glory to all who fought against Nazism then, and glory to all who fight against Ruscism today!

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Together to victory!