01 May 2023

Weekly news 24-30.04 (№44)

News from the front

Last week, both Volat and Litvin combat battalions of the Regiment continued to perform their assigned combat tasks. The regimental UAV named after Nikita Kryutsov continued to perform reconnaissance of enemy positions and artillery adjustment. All details and details will appear later in all official sources of the Regiment. At the moment, we cannot cover them for certain reasons. Follow the Kalinouski Regiment's social networks.

New social networks of the Regiment

The list of regimental official sources has expanded. We created and launched telegram channels in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish languages. Now the news will be published with a translation into the given language in the corresponding Telegram channel.

PL https://t.me/belwarriors_pl

UA https://t.me/belwarriors_ua

RU https://t.me/belwarriors_ru

But, it is important to note that the chatbot remains the only one. The link to it is noted in all regiment's networks.

Wounded in the Regiment

The Regimental medical crew continued to provide support to our combat units. Unfortunately, several warriors were injured last week. Some of them were hospitalized, some received light concussions. The medical crew commander "Sever" also received a concussions and is currently in the hospital. At the moment, the lives of all the wounded soldiers are not in danger.

There were no losses in the Kalinouski Regiment last week.

Also last week, a car of the evacuation team of the medical crew was damaged. Fortunately, none of the crew was injured. But the life of our soldiers depends on the vehicles on which the evacuation is carried out and their equipment. We always take care of everything necessary for the effective work of our doctors. Also, the pick-up truck, on which the soldiers directly perform tasks, was damaged.

At the training ground

We spent the day at the training ground, where recruits of the Kalinouski Regiment undergo full training and gain the necessary experience for being in a combat zone. Here, the volunteers of the Regiment, together with the Ukrainian military, are preparing for the counterattack, which is about to begin. We cannot say when it will happen directly, but one thing is certain: Ukraine will return to the borders of 1991. Our recruits undergo both fire, tactical and medical training with the best instructors who gained experience in the Ukrainian-Russian war. Instructors convey all the intricacies of fighting to our recruits.

We talked to recruiters and got answers to the following questions:

- are the training and activities that the recruits receive sufficient to participate in combat operations?

- is there difference between the training of the recruits of the Kalinouski Regiment and the military servicemen of Belarus?

- what are the benefits of training for recruits?

- is it necessary to have some recruiting experience to join the Regiment?

You can find all the latest news, details and details of events on our official website and on the Regiment's social networks.

Information related to the aid to the Kalinouski Regiment is also available in all our official sources.

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