29 April 2023

Meet Akki

The story took place in the Bakhmut area. Our mortarmen were returning from a mission and saw this litter on the road. He was covered in blood and trying to crawl. It looks like the dog was run over by a car. The guys picked him up and took him to the vet, thinking he had a brain injury. But the dog was getting worse and worse... They took him to a big city to see surgeons. They thought they wouldn't make it. On the way, they gave him broth to drink, the dog turned out to be strong and withstood the road. They took pictures, found a fracture, the spinal cord remained alive. The surgeons managed to align the vertebrae and now there is hope that he will be able to walk. However, the pain syndrome remained. But, Aki does not seem to be undergoing treatment and we hope that he will meet the victory with us - healthy and cheerful!

As long as care lives in us - Long live Belarus!

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