24 April 2023

Weekly news 17-23.04 (№43)

Mortar crews

Mortar crews of the Litvin battalion, together with the MSTA-B crew, worked in southern Ukraine. In the same direction, sappers continue demining the de-occupied territories. During the execution of one of the tasks, two sappers were injured. At the moment, their lives are not in danger.

Combat flight of the new wing

The reconnaissance and mortar crew of the Litvin battalion continued to work together with the UAV regiment named after Nikita Kryutsov. The soldiers were constantly in position and controlled their sector of the front. Soldiers of the regimental UAV unit also carried out reconnaissance of enemy positions and searched for equipment of the invaders. Last week, the pilots of the unit performed the first flight of the new air wing, which we inform about earlier. The reconnaissance was carried out successfully, according to its results, further work will be carried out to adjust the artillery. The report and video of the first flight of the wing will soon appear on all official networks of the Regiment.

Volat Battalion and other units

Warriors of the Volat battalion continue to perform tasks in Bakhmut. Mortar crews, aerial reconnaissance, anti-aircraft missile defense and an assault unit of the battalion are working. During the performance of a combat mission, one of the soldiers was wounded.

The motorized unit of the Kalinouski Regiment continues to search, transport and repair the equipment of the invaders, which then goes into service with the Regiment.

The medical crew of the Kalinouski Regiment works in several directions of the front. Active support of the Volat battalion, mortars and sappers of the Litvin battalion is being carried out.

There were no wounded in the Kalinouski Regiment last week.

Fundraising for medical needs

The Regiment has accounts, the funds from which are used only for medical needs.

The Kastus Kalinouski Regiment, together with the Medical Solidarity Fund, announces the opening of fees for medical needs.

The first funds you donate to us will be spent on a mechanical ventilator, which is needed to evacuate seriously injured soldiers who need urgent surgery.

All the money you donate will be spent only on medicine and once a quarter we will provide a full report of our expenses. Responsible for this will be personally the commander of Medical crew Anastasia "Sever" Makhamet.

Information related to the aid to the Kalinouski Regiment is also available in all our official sources.

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