24 March 2023


The result of the work of sappers of the Kalinouski Regiment in one day!

As a result of Russian aggression, the extent of contamination of the territory with explosive devices makes Ukraine now almost the most dangerous place on the planet.

Our sappers daily encounter TM-62, TM-83 anti-tank mines, PMN anti-personnel mines, "trap mines" and directional fragmentation mines.

But there are also miracles of the sapper case! In one of the photos, the so-called "PIE" is an anti-tank mine with a seismic sensor, under the box there is a ML-8 trap mine, and under it is a Mon-200 anti-personnel mine.

All mines were successfully "removed". So the Ukrainian land becomes cleaner not only from the "orks", but also from the explosives they brought to the peaceful land.

We will post a video of the detonation of these very mines in the near future!

Long live Belarus and Glory to Ukraine!

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