20 March 2023

Weekly news 13-19.03 (№38)

Work of regiment battalions and crews at the front

"Volat" battalion continues to defend Bakhmut. Warriors work together with related units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and destroy the enemy daily.

Last week, the "Litvin" battalion worked in the direction of Zaporozhye. Intelligence and mortar crews worked. They conducted joint operations, the details of which we cannot disclose yet.

Last week, the UAV regimental unit named after Nikita Kryutsov destroyed two enemy control and observation posts. Reconnaissance of the positions was carried out, after which the anti-aircraft mortars were successfully adjusted. As a result, the hangars with the occupier's equipment were destroyed.

The motorized unit of the Kalinouski Regiment is working to ensure that the tanks start destroying the enemy as quickly as possible.

The medical crew of the Kalinouski Regiment is located in the Bakhmut direction. Medics are also working with sappers in the Kherson region. Last week, the paramedics carried out an operation with neighbors in the direction of Zaporizhzhia.

Last week, there were no loses or wounded in the Kalinouski Regiment.

We are looking for a videographer

The Kalinouski Regiment is the driving force of the struggle for a free and open Belarus. For this we need to be able to talk, show and tell about our goals, everyday life and achievements. We are looking for a specialist to show us - Videographer / Cameraman / Video editor

You must have experience in creating video/photo processes, know the camera technique, be able to work with the camera, light and sound. It is also necessary to have work experience in a similar position, in work with YouTube channels, work experience with programs for editing and processing videos and photos.

Send applications to our chatbot along with your portfolio.

Your task will be:

— selection and quality control of the filmed material;

— color correction, sound design, motion design, graphics;

— video shooting and editing of video materials for social networks, website, YouTube channel, Internet portals;

— ensuring the artistic and technical quality of the shots;

— maintaining an archive of materials.

Only candidates with experience are considered!

We invite analysts to our ranks

The success of our operations is ensured by high-quality preparation, which includes analysts. We invite to our ranks Analysts.

Your task will be:

— analysis of video, photo, audio materials,

— work with various types of information,

— preparation of analytics on materials.

Experience analyzing large volumes of data, analytical mindset and meticulousness, strong learning ability, ability to process large amount of information in short time frame is a must.

Experience in IT, experience with video shooting and video materials, with call scripts will be a plus.

Send your applications to our chatbot with tags #Videa and #Analitik.

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Information related to the aid to the Kalinouski Regiment is also available in all our official sources.

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