09 March 2023

Year of the Regiment of Kastus Kalinouski

Exactly one year ago, a company of Belarusian volunteers who stood up for the defense of Ukraine reported on the formation of a battalion.

And we have been the Regiment for a long time!

During this time we suffered losses. Two of our warriors are captured by the occupier. Many of the soldiers received injuries of varying degrees of severity.

But, despite all this, there are more and more of us! We perform combat tasks on the front every day. We declared our political ambitions. Whole organizations join us. We are known in Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, USA, Canada, Great Britain and many other democratic countries of the world.

And the most important thing is that people are waiting for us in Belarus!

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Dear friends!

Due to the lack of financial reporting on all accounts of the Kalinouski Regiment, including Ukrainian, Polish and crypto-currency ones, for more than a year and the ignoring of the answer to this question by the headquarters of the Kalinouski Regiment, the administrator of this site considers it appropriate not be related to opaque financial costs. In the future, information on the accounts for donations of specific combat units that need support, provide reporting and are not related to representatives of the regimental headquarters will be posted here.

Together to victory!