06 March 2023

Weekly news 27.02-5.03 (№36)

News from the front

Last week, mortar units of the "Litvin" battalion worked in the direction of Bakhmut, destroying the enemy's manpower.

The "Volat" battalion also worked in the Bakhmut direction and provided assistance to adjacent units of the Armed Forces.

Captured occupants

The UAV regimental unit named after Nikita Kryutsov carried out reconnaissance of the enemy's positions and corrected the long-range artillery of the neighbors. As we reported earlier, the regimental UAV captured the occupants. You can see a video of the interrogation of one of the occupants on our Telegram channel and YouTube. Details on the remaining prisoners will be released later.

There were no losses or wounded in the Regiment last week.

You can find all the latest news, details and details of events on our official website and on the Regiment's social networks.

Information related to the aid to the Kalinouski Regiment is also available in all our official sources.

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