13 February 2023

Weekly news 06-12.02.2023 (№33)

Front news. Work of regimental battalions

Last week, the "Litvin" battalion was located in the eastern direction of the front. Battalion intelligence was working.

"Volat" battalion continues to defend Bakhmut. Successfully destroys the enemy both with personal units working with automatic grenade launchers, mortars and anti-tank missile complexes, and together with allies from Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The UAV regimental unit named after Nikita Kryutsov carried out reconnaissance of enemy positions and corrected long-range artillery. Mortar crews successfully attacked the personnel of the occupiers.

There were no losses or wounded in the regiment last week.

Belarusians, it's time to act!

We appeal to everyone who wants to come to the Kalinouski Regiment and join the struggle against the russian invaders and the liberation of Belarus, but for some reason cannot decide. We remind you that everyone will be able to find themselves in the Regiment. No one will send you to a combat zone without preparation. Each recruit goes through training, after which he is assigned to units of the Regiment, both combat and rear.

All the time we need drivers, mechanics, medical specialists. In addition to combat units, we have garrison, medical, media and other services. Without your desire, no one will send you to the front line.

Belarusians, it's time to act! Join the real army - the Kalinouski Regiment.

You will sign a contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, you will receive a military ticket and a monthly salary.

For recruit information, see the separate page kalinouski.org/recruits/

You can find all the latest news, details and details of events on our official website and on the Regiment's social networks.

Information related to the aid to the Kalinoгski Regiment is also available in all our official sources. Support the Regiment

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