02 February 2023

185 years to Kastus Kalinowski!

Today, on February 2, 185 years ago, the national hero of Belarus Kastus Kalinowski was born.

160 years ago he wrote that we are Belarusians. We are not Poles and not Russians. We are not only for hard work. Not just for grief...

We know science. We have a desire for democracy. We have our own language. Our own culture. We have our nation.

We are Belarusians. We are it-specialists. We are writers. We are Nobel laureates. We are artists. We are singers. We are Olympic champions. We are warriors...

We have already achieved what Kastus Kalinowski could only dream of. And we will achieve what we dream about now.

We will achieve free, independent, democratic Belarus!

We will reach a happy Belarus!

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Belarus lives!

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