23 January 2023

Weekly news 16.01-22.01.2023 (№30)

Front news

Battalion "Volat" is still in the hottest direction of the front, where it deters the constant attacks of the enemy. Last week, the battalion's anti-tank grenade launchers and mortars worked very intensively and effectively.

Several soldiers are wounded, but nothing threatens their lives.

Last week, soldiers of the "Litvin" battalion conducted assault operations together with units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At the moment, part of the battalion is on rotation, the other part is preparing for a new combat mission.

The regimental UAV named after Nikita Kryutsov worked in two directions: Svatovo and Bakhmut. The unit successfully adjusted fire and scouted enemy positions.

Training of recruits

Last week, the new recruits of the Kalinouski Regiment successfully passed a psychophysical test, as well as training with grenades. The training that we provide to our recruits is carried out only by a special unit of the Armed Forces. The recruits are preparing for assignment to the combat units of the Regiment.

Day of Unity of Ukraine

On January 22, Ukrainians celebrated the Day of Unity. This public holiday is dedicated to the unification of the Ukrainian People's Republic and the West Ukrainian People's Republic into a single, indivisible state.

The Kalinouski Regiment congratulates Ukrainians on this holiday and does everything possible, so that Ukraine remains indivisible, regains all occupied territories and is independent.

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