11 December 2022

Weekly news 5-11.12 (№24)

Front news

Last week, the mortar units of the "Litvin" battalion participated in combat tasks with allies from the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The intelligence battalion worked on the front line. Some of the soldiers continue training to prepare for new tasks.

Soldiers of the "Volat" battalion continue to successfully carry out combat tasks on one of the hottest areas of the front. But during the operation, one of the soldiers was wounded. He is hospitalized and at the moment his life is not in danger.

The UAV regimental unit named after Nikita Kryutsov continues to train its personnel for a combat mission. Since the UAV unit has recently expanded, the necessary combat organization of personnel is being carried out

There are no losses this week.

The union of the Kalinouski Regiment and the Cyber-Partisans

Last week, a press conference was held dedicated to the unification of Kalinouski regiment and Cyber-Partizans. The representative of the Cyber-Partisans is now a member of the headquarters of the Kalinouski Regiment. We would like to remind you that Cyber-Partizans showed themselves heroically in the 2020 protests against the dictatorship. With the beginning of a full-scale war, Cyber-Partizans began to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, GUR, SBU with information about the movement of occupiers on the territory of Belarus.

We defined the common goals of the Kalinouski Regiment and the Cyber-Partisans:

- Liberation of Ukraine;

- The overthrow of the occupation regime and the restoration of the independence of Belarus;

-  Stabilization in Belarus for the transition period;

- Return to democratic principles of governance and legality.

We are happy to cooperate with an organization that really works. We welcome Cyber-Partisans to our ranks. Together to victory!

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