06 December 2022

The Kalinouski Regiment and the Cyberpartisans

On December 6 was held a press conference dedicated to the unification of the Kalinouski Regiment and the Cyberpartisans.

A representative of the Cyberpartisans joins the headquarters of the Kalinouski Regiment.

The common goals of the Kalinouski Regiment and the Cyberpartisans.

- Liberation of Ukraine;

- The overthrow of the occupation regime of Lukashenka and the restoration of the independence of Belarus;

- Stabilization in Belarus for the transition period;

- Return to democratic principles of governance and legality.

The Kalinouski Regiment, together with Cyberpartisans, prepared a plan of complex actions that will bring victory over the dictatorships of Putin and Lukashenko.

TODAY STREAM AT 20:00 on the YouTube channel of the Kalinouski Regiment with details of the press conference.

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Together to victory!

Long live Belarus and Glory to Ukraine!

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Together to victory!