30 November 2022

The Regiment met with the mayors of the Volyn cities

Representatives of the Kalinouski Regiment held meetings with the mayors of the largest cities of the Volyn region.

The meetings were held with the aim of establishing cooperation with the local self-government bodies of Volhynia and informing about the struggle of Belarusians for the independence of Ukraine. During the trip, the important issue of coordination of actions for the protection of the region in case of aggression against Volyn from the territory of Belarus was discussed.

The representatives met with the chairman of the Volyn regional council Grigory Nedopad and the mayors of the largest cities of the region: Lutsk - Igor Polishchuk, Kovel - Igor Chaika, Novovalinsk - Barys Karpus and Vladimir - Igor Palonka.

The trip was organized with the support of People's Deputy Ihar Guzy.

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