28 November 2022

Weekly news 21-27.11 (№22)

Front news

Last week, the soldiers of the "Litvin" battalion took part in combat reconnaissance missions with their allies from the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which they performed successfully.

Part of the soldiers of the "Volat" battalion returned from the rotation and also began to perform combat tasks together with the rest of the soldiers.

The UAV regimental unit named after Nikita Kryvtsov is at front line and conducts reconnaissance, adjusts fire and destroys enemy positions.

We cannot reveal the details of the operations carried out by our battalions and the UAV unit.

There were no casualties or wounded this week.

New recruits

A large number of recruits arrived in the Kalinoŭski Regiment.

They are already undergoing medical, tactical and fire training, after which they will be assigned to units and begin to perform tasks together with experienced warriors.

The regiment continues to recruit medics and UAV specialists.

Missile attacks in Ukraine

Last week, Ukraine faced a massive missile attack on its territory. The blow was one of the strongest in the entire full-scale war. Cities were left without electricity, water, gas, mobile communications and the Internet for several days.

However, thanks to communal services, it was possible to restore almost everything. We cannot be broken. We will win this winter and we will win this war.

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