21 November 2022

Weekly news 14-20.11 (№21)

Day of Dignity and Freedom

The Kalinoŭski Regiment congratulates Ukraine and all Ukrainians on the "Day of Dignity and Freedom", which is celebrated today. This is a day in honor of the beginning of the "Orange Revolution" and the "Revolution of Dignity", when patriotic and courageous citizens stood up to defend democratic values, human rights and freedoms and defended the country's European choice.

If the enemy had not so quickly forgotten the recent history of Ukraine, he would have realized that he will not be able to win this war, because for the people of Ukraine, freedom and dignity are more important than electricity, gas and all that they are trying to do now. deprive the civilian infrastructure of constant bombing.

Front news

Last week, part of the soldiers of the "Litvin" battalion participated in combat missions. Another part is on rotation and continues training in air reconnaissance and sapper work.

The Volat Battalion was replenished with recruits who have completed final training and are ready to perform combat tasks.

There were no casualties or wiunded this week.

UAV unit named after Nikita Kryvtsov

A UAV unit named after Nikita Kryvtsov appeared in the Kalinoŭski Regiment. The name was chosen in honor of the Hero of Belarus, who was killed during the protests of the 20th year.

The guys conduct reconnaissance, fire adjustment and bombardment of enemy positions, equipment and manpower.

Last week, the unit already completed a combat mission. Occupant tanks were calculated, artillery coordinates were given and fire was adjusted, thanks to which two tanks were destroyed.

Two more tanks of the enemy, the regimental unit of the Kryvtsov UAV bombarded with its own forces! A total of 30 infantry units of the occupiers were destroyed during the battle.

The unit is developing and preparing for new victorious battles.

You can join the UAV regimental unit through the chatbot: @BelarusAndUkraineBot with the hashtag #БПЛА_МК

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