14 November 2022

Weekly news 07-13.11 (№20)

News from the front

Soldiers of the "Litvin" battalion are still at the stage of carrying out a combat mission, the details of which we cannot disclose. Also, part of the fighters was sent to training courses in reconnaissance and sapper work.

Last week, soldiers of the "Volat" battalion continued to defend the area of the most intense fighting. Thanks to bold and decisive actions during the counterattack, the enemy's point of adjustment of fire was destroyed, as well as the personnel in the advanced enemy positions.

There are several wounded in the "Volat" battalion. Now they are being treated, and then they will be sent to rehabilitation. Their lives are not in danger.

Farewell to the hero

Unfortunately, the tank fire in response to the counterattack took the life of our brother. The regiment said goodbye to the fallen hero. This is another victim of the Belarusian people in the war against the Russian aggressor. We will continue your cause until victory. Heroes don't die. They are forever in our shifts.

Liberation of Kherson

The Kalinoŭski Regiment congratulates all Ukrainians on the liberation of the city of Kherson. Previously, our fighters also took part in battles in this direction. We will pull shoulder to shoulder to defend the Ukrainian land from the Russian invasion.

Caution when using chatbots

You can also become a witness and a direct participant in the liberation of Ukraine, and of Belarus in the future.

You can join the Regiment through the Telegram chatbot, where you will need to send your profile.

But remember your safety. Do not forget to remove the bots you write with, as instructed by the Cyberpartizans. Guide and Video

Check the originality of bots before writing. Pay attention to the letters and spelling of the bot name.

Look for bot addresses only on official channels CONTACTS.

We emphasize that the safest option is to fill out the application outside the borders of Belarus.

Be alert, follow the safety rules and take care of yourself!

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