17 October 2022

Weekly news 10-16.10 (№16)

Training at the training ground

Today we are at one of the training grounds where soldiers of the Kalinoŭski Regiment practice their skills and improve their qualifications, as well as new recruits undergo training together with their instructors and experienced soldiers.

Warriors of both our "Volat" and "Litvin" battalions are currently on rest and rotation after completing the combat tasks set before them. There are no losses or seriously wounded among the soldiers of the Regiment this week.

Comments about training recruits from a volunteer with the call sign Nazgul.

This is such a control stage of our training for new soldiers. We are now present in the east for several weeks. And it's such a great workout. The boys gain additional knowledge by mastering their weapons. Approximately one and a half to two zinc bullets of various calibers are fired per group per day.

We planted explosives, threw grenades, practiced joint operations in urban areas. There were field trips, night vigils.

Our recruits who showed ability had the opportunity to use different types of weapons. It was possible to master several types of machine guns, various automatic systems, including both Soviet and NATO.

A lot has been worked out. And I'm very happy with this group. The boys showed certain results and a certain desire. I am confident in their knowledge.

This group will soon go to the front and will be a good addition to our combat units.

This training primarily gives a lot of knowledge, gives guys confidence in using weapons. It will be more useful for guys who go into reconnaissance, assault units. All our guys go through such tests. Everyone here saw something new, took a certain shot at their weapon and now confidently wield it.

- What would you say to those Belarusians who are still in Belarus or in exile and are still hesitating: to go - not to go, to join - not to join?

- I think that now such a historical moment of choice has come. Even with this mobilization and state of emergency announced by Lukashenka. This brings the choice closer for every Belarusian.

If you feel like a Belarusian, a part of the nation, especially if you are male, neither distance nor time will stop you. It is necessary to go and take up weapons.

If we do not solve the Belarusian question, then it will be solved for us and not for our benefit.

That's why we show by our own example that we need to go, we need to take weapons. All the more so because here all the possibilities are created for mastering it and for raising one's combat level. And when the time comes, the Kalinovites will pass through the Lukashists like a knife through butter. We will try with all our might to bring our victory closer and return home already, already forever, and on our terms.

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