09 October 2022

Weekly news 3-9.10 (№15)

News from the front

Soldiers of the "Volat" battalion, together with soldiers of the Litvin battalion, participated in an assault operation together with the Armed Forces against a fortified company stronghold of the enemy. As a result, the set goals were achieved. Three Russian occupiers were captured. An enemy tank and BMP-3 were knocked out by the calculation of our anti-tank guided complex.

Unfortunately, the regiment suffered losses: 1 soldier was killed, 4 were wounded in various degrees. the lives of the wounded are not in danger, they are receiving qualified medical care and will soon be able to return to their units.

️Farewell to the fallen brother

The Kalinoŭski Regiment said goodbye to our fallen brother. The ninth Belarusian volunteer from the Regiment gave his life for the freedom and future of his Motherland. We will continue our struggle and take revenge for everyone. Heroes remain forever in our ranks.

️Appeal to the media

The Kalinoŭski Regiment once again appeals to all the mass media, and especially to the representatives of those media, to whom a remark was already made. You must understand the full extent of responsibility for the dissemination of information earlier than the official sources of the Kalinoŭski Regiment. Any untime information can cost a human life. We have repeatedly said and emphasized this fact. As soon as we have the opportunity to reveal the details of the operations or other details, we immediately cover it on the official sources of the Regiment. We hope for your honesty.

We continue recruiting

We remind you that the recruitment of volunteers in various specialties continues. In the Regiment, there are not only combat battalions, but medical, garrison, administrative services, a platoon of material and technical support. Therefore, welcome to our ranks. Send your questionnaires to the chatbot and join Palk.
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