03 October 2022

Weekly news 26.09-02.10 (№14)

Front news

Part of the Litvin battalion arrived at the front and began to perform combat tasks in their section. Fighters of the Volat battalion carried out fire raids using machine guns and sniper fire. Anti-sapper mining was also carried out close to enemy positions. There are no losses or seriously wounded among the soldiers of the Regiment this week.

Award "For the Defense of Bucha"

The Bucha City Council invited the members of the Kalinoŭski Regiment, who took part in the defense of Bucha, to the event on the occasion of "City Day". The mayor of the city presented the award "For the protection of Bucha" to the members of the Regiment, namely: Denis "Kit", Aleksei "Psycholog" and posthumously Ilya "Litvin".

Merch shop

The Kalinoŭski Regiment launched its merch and shop where you can buy t-shirts with the Regiment's logo. Over time, the store's assortment will expand. You can buy a t-shirt with delivery both in Ukraine and in the countries of the European Union. You can find all the details on the store's official Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/krama.kalinouskaha/. All the collected money will go to support soldiers with everything they need, rehabilitation and other needs.

Live stream

Last week the Kalinoŭski Regiment conducted a stream. The commander of the battalion headquarters "Volat" and the representative of the battalion headquarters "Litvin" answered a number of exciting questions on live air, including questions about mobilization and the possibility of an attack from Belarus. They told what to do to those who are being mobilized to go to the war with Ukraine, as well as those who remain in Belarus. The recording of the stream remained on our official YouTube channel. We plan to hold such broadcasts once every two weeks.

Medical specialist

The Kalinoŭski Regiment expand the medical service. We announce the search for a general practitioner or a therapist, psychiatrist or psychotherapist with higher medical education. You will sign a contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, you will receive a military ticket and a monthly salary. These specialists will work in the rear and monitor the current state of health of the fighters, as well as participate in the rehabilitation of those who have returned from the front.

We will also remind you that the usual recruitment of volunteers continues. The Regiment has unlimited growth potential. Therefore, welcome to our ranks. Send your questions to the chatbot and join the Regiment.

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