26 September 2022

Weekly news 19-25.09 (№13)

Front news

Last week, the soldiers of the Volat battalion carried out fire raids on enemy positions with an accumulation of manpower. They also provided fire support during the offensive operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. There are no casualties and seriously wounded among the regiment's soldiers this week.

The Litvin battalion

The command of the Kalinoŭski Regiment announced the completion of the formation of the Litvin battalion. Denis "Kit" had a conversation with the personnel of the battalion. He spoke about Ilya "Litvin", in whose honor the name was chosen, and showed the things that remained after his last fight, in which Kit was with him. The Kalinoŭski Regiment keeps the memory of every soldier who forever remained a Hero of his Motherland and Ukraine.

Honoring the memory of Pavel "Volat"

Last week, the Kalinoŭski Regiment honored the memory of Pavel "Volat", who had a birthday. One of the Regiment's battalions is also named after Volat. Each fighter knows and remembers the brothers who have gone to eternity. Heroes remain forever in our shifts.

Answers on questions

1. "What can women do and how can they get into the Regiment?"

Everyone has the opportunity to get into the Regiment. Each applicant must send the questionnaire to our chatbot, where it will be considered. In the questionnaire, you must describe your skills, specialty and personal abilities. Each application is considered individually. At the moment, the Regiment is recruiting people with medical experience, signallers, UAV specialists, and car mechanics. Everyone will find their place in the Regiment, where their abilities will work to the maximum.

2. "Are there enough drones and cars in the Regiment?"

The Kalinoŭski Regiment expresses its gratitude to everyone who provides support: donations, things, words, arts. In connection with the involvement of specialists in the field of UAVs, drones are constantly needed. The soldiers of the Regiment already have successful experience in using drones in combat missions. As for cars, they, unfortunately, are consumables in war. The need for them never disappears. It is ussual for a car to be blown to smithereens during firing or performing a task.

3. “Why are there so few combat videos on the regiment’s channels?”

Most video and photo materials cannot be published immediately. Because in this way positions and places where the soldiers of the regiment continue to perform combat missions can be identified. Therefore, we do not have the ability to publish photos and videos online regularly.

You can learn more about all the important events in the life of the regiment, which we cover in a press release, from publications on our social networks and on the official website of the Regiment. You can also support the Regiment by being a sponsor or volunteer.

Long live Belarus! Glory to Ukraine!

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