18 September 2022

Weekly news 12-18.09 (№12)

Front news

Last week, the Regiment's fighters held positions in the place of increased enemy fire influence. One fighter received a penetrating wound in the arm, hospitalization was not required.

Also, reconnaissance of vulnerable areas of enemy fortifications was carried out.

There are no losses among the soldiers of the Regiment this week.

The military reserve

Last week, the Kalinoŭski Regiment made a number of important statements regarding the formation of the military reserve in Belarus. As we reported, Belarusians who are ready to join the Kalinoŭski Regiment on the territory of our country have the opportunity to declare this through a special bot.

The regiment sees the main tasks of its power reserve in Belarus as strengthening our groups, securing objects, arresting and escorting Lukashians.

For those who cannot join the Regiment now for various reasons, we have proposed an action algorithm. Namely, the formation of small groups, conducting physical, tactical, psychological training, monitoring the location and movement of Belarusian and Russian military personnel.

Those who joined the power reserve received practical advice on how to correctly collect really useful information to provide to the bot.

UAV specialists

For those planning to join the Kalinoŭski Regiment in Ukraine, we have an important announcement. The regiment is recruiting Unmanned Aerial Vehicles specialists.

If you have experience using civil copters or winged drones, have technical knowledge in the field of drone construction or have worked in the field of IT - we are waiting for you in the ranks of UAV operators.

Contact the Regiment chatbot with the tag #UAV

Let's add that drones are one of the most effective weapons in modern warfare. Soldiers of the Kalinoŭski Regiment already have experience in using UAVs successfully during combat operations.

Answers to questions

1. "What will happen to the fighter of the Kalinoŭski Regiment if he decides to return to Belarus now?"

Today, there is a legal collapse in Belarus. A large number of citizens of the country personally encountered the principle "sometimes not up to laws", which Lukashenko voiced at the beginning of the 2020 protests. Therefore, it is difficult to predict how they will act in relation to the fighter of the Kalinoŭski Regiment.

In any case, the Regiment soldiers will not return to Belarus to surrender to the mercy of Lukashenko's authorities.

Our goal is the liberation of Belarus from the dictator regime.

2. "What is the status of Vadim "Papik" Shatrov and Vasyl "Syabro" Parfyankov of the "Volat" battalion fighters today? What is the regiment doing about it?"

Vasyl Syabro and Vadim Papik are officially recognized as missing. The command of the Kalinoŭski Regiment keeps in touch with the families of Vasyl and Vadim.

On the initiative of the Regiment, a charity collection was opened to help the families of our comrades in arms.

You can also join this initiative. Here you can find еру requisites

3. "Is there any other way to transfer funds from Belarus?"

If the donator is on the territory of Belarus, he has only two options to provide financial assistance to the Regiment: use the PayPal system or transfer cryptocurrency.

If PayPal does not work, the option with cryptocurrency remains relevant. Look for details on our support page.

The Kalinoŭski regiment is sincerely grateful to everyone for their help.

You can learn more about all the important events in the life of the regiment, which we cover in the press release, from the publications on our social networks and on the official website of the regiment.

Long live Belarus! Glory to Ukraine!

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