12 September 2022

Weekly news 5-11.09 (№11)

At the moment the commander of the Volat battalion, Yan "Belarus" is in combat positions. We would like to inform you that during the last week the fighters of the Kalinoŭski Regiment were on the front line. Our soldiers conducted a multi-format reconnaissance of the enemy's defense line. A fire attack was carried out to put pressure on the enemy's advanced positions. There are no losses or seriously wounded among the soldiers of the Regiment this week.

The leadership of the Kalinoŭski Regiment announced the launch of a chatbot for joining the force reserve and a chatbot for controlling the movement of occupants. We emphasize that chatbots are secure and anonymous. They were created to strengthen our positions in Belarus and to achieve our main task - the liberation of our country. Our national problem will not be solved by anyone but ourselves.

Last week, the Kalinoŭski Regiment celebrated a significant date for the Belarusian nation. On September 8, 1514, the soldiers of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania completely crushed the Moscow army in the Battle of Orsha. This day became the Day of Belarusian military glory. On this occasion, the Kalinoŭski Regiment created and presented a music video for the song "Victory Flag" by the famous band Tin Sonca. Ukrainian musicians dedicated this song in Belarusian to our volunteers.

The Museum of Free Belarus, with the support of the Kalinoŭski Regiment, prepared a program that included a concert by famous musical groups, a video lecture about the military pride of Belarusians, and sports activity.

Answers to questions:

1. If you have a disease you should note this in your answers to the questions in the chatbot.

2. We remind you that there are two battalions in the Kalinoŭski Regiment: "Volat" and "Litvin". Several former members of the formation of Belarusian volunteers called the "Anti-authoritarian detachment" joined the Regiment. These fighters are included in the already existing units of the Regiment.

3. A well-known Ukrainian military expert, Oleg Zhdanau, believes that about 13,000 Belarusians went to Moscow as mercenaries in private military companies. We do not agree with this figure. Till now not a single Belarusian was seen at the front on the Russian side. And we only know about a few Belarusians who mentioned it on social networks.

4. We have different classes of weapons of NATO standards. If we take small arms, instead of the well-known AK, we have SCAR-L, SCAR-H, and Czech CZ rifle. All of them have 5.56 NATO cartridges. There is also the Milan anti-tank weapon. Also, we have Barrett sniper rifles, M-249, M-240, Browning machine guns, and so on. Ukraine's transition to NATO standards is happening quite quickly and the trend is basically being followed.

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