29 August 2022

Weekly news 22‑28.08.2022 (№9)

News from the front.

The Kalinoŭski Regiment continues to perform combat tasks in the Southern front. Our soldiers strike at enemy positions, manpower, and equipment of the Russian invaders.

Thus, as a result of the execution of one of the combat tasks, two ATGMs of the "Volat" battalion destroyed a fortified enemy position together with a large-caliber machine gun DShK, a modernized Kalashnikov machine gun and ammunition. The Russians also lost a light truck.

Independence Day.

Last week, on August 24, Ukraine celebrated one of the most important public holidays - Independence Day. This year the traditional parade was special. The destroyed Russian military equipment was installed in the center of Kyiv. After the Russians boasted that they would take the Ukrainian capital in three days.

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Belarusians of the Kalinoŭski formation stood shoulder to shoulder with the Ukrainians in the enemy's path on the approaches to the capital and today continue to fight for "our and your freedom" on the fronts of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Belarus could celebrate its Independence Day on August 25. On this day in 1991, the Declaration on State Sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus acquired the status of a constitutional law. However, today our country is actually under occupation. The goal of the Kalinoŭski Regiment is to liberate Belarus and restore its true independence. On August 25, the Kalinoŭski Regiment held a solemn military ritual of adopting the regiment's Battle Flag - a symbol of honor and valor, traditions and the purpose of the unit. This flag, consecrated in the cathedral in Vilnius, was presented by the Rada BNR to the Kalinoŭski Regiment on behalf of the Belarusian people. On this day, our recruits received special chevrons of the unit.

New recruits.

The recruits, who recently arrived in the Regiment and were enrolled in the training company, gave the Pledge of Allegiance to the Motherland, vowed to fight until Belarus regains its freedom from the external and internal enemy. The staff of medics of the Kalinoŭski Regiment was replenished with recruits with specialized education. After completing mandatory military training as part of a training company, they will soon begin working at the front in the field of tactical medicine.

Answers to your questions.

Our subscribers are interested in whether there are representatives of various subcultures, ideologies, and movements among the fighters of the Kalinoŭski Regiment? Do they not conflict with each other?

There are people of different views and attitudes in the regiment. Perhaps, in peacetime, it would be difficult for them to find common ground. However, now all the soldiers of the Regiment, regardless of their views, are united by one goal. All soldiers came to the Regiment to oppose the common enemy of Ukraine and Belarus - Russia and to fight for the liberation of our homeland from the dictatorial regime of Lukashenka.

We are asked: how often do new recruits arrive in the Regiment?

On average, a large group of recruits arrives in the Regiment once a month. The next training squad is formed from them. In addition, a certain number of recruits join the Regiment every week. Recruits who arrived later are also enrolled in the training company and train according to an individual plan to bring them up to the level of those who started training earlier.

We are asked the question: the recruitment of auto mechanics and medics, which was announced earlier, has already been completed or is it still actual?

Thanks to the announced recruitment, qualified medics and auto mechanics came to the Kalinoŭski Regiment. However, as we have already reported, the demand for such specialists remains. Especially sice the new "Litvin" battalion was formed in the Regiment. We emphasize that we are particularly interested in recruits with medical education who will be able to work in the evacuation team from the front line.

One more question: what other specialists does the Regiment need?

All kinds of specialists are needed. When you fill out the form in the chatbot and communicate with the representatives of the Mobilization Center, be sure to let us know what special knowledge and in what field you have. The war continues, the Regiment has serious tasks ahead, so recruitment will continue. We remind you that those who intend to join the ranks of the recruits of the Regiment should write to our chatbot.

Today, in our information section, we will talk about the medical care that the soldiers of the Regiment receive in case of need.

Health care information.

Everyone knows how much trouble dental problems can cause. If a serious exacerbation of such a problem occurs in a fighter at the front, it will be very difficult for him to perform a combat task with full dedication.

For this reason, every member of the Kalinoŭski Regiment has the opportunity to undergo a dental examination and, if necessary, receive high-quality free treatment.

War is hard work. Most soldiers who perform tasks on the front line are recommended to take a course in classical massage during their rotation. Members of the Regiment have such an opportunity. A highly qualified massage specialist receives our fighters once a week.

After consultation with a surgeon, plasma therapy procedures are prescribed for Kalinoŭski's soldiers recovering from injuries received during combat operations. When using this method, the recovery period after fresh injuries is reduced by 50 percent or more.

Psychologists work with the soldiers of the Regiment returned from combat operations. Each warrior can receive individual counseling and undergo therapy.

In addition, after discharge from the hospital, a rehabilitation program is organized for the wounded fighters.

Medical workers are available 24 hours a day at the base of the Regiment and are ready to provide the necessary assistance to our soldiers if needed. The medics of the Regiment have the most modern and effective medicines at their disposal. If necessary, fighters receive a referral to specialized specialists.

Finally, I would like to remind you that you can send your questions through the contacts you see on the screen and in the description of the video. Media representatives, please contact us using the same contacts.

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Information on how to do this and contacts for sponsors and volunteers can be found on the screen and in the release description, as well as on our website.

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