15 August 2022

Weekly news 8‑14.08.2022 (№7)

Press release No. 7: "New Belarus" conference, concert in Warsaw, regimental flag, Volat's medal, Kalinoŭski Street, information from the front

You are watching another press release by the Kalinoŭski Regiment.

Let's start with news from the front.

During the past week, the fighters of the Kalinoŭski Regiment were on the front lines. All this time, our soldiers were actively working to fulfill the command's combat tasks. We can note that the combat tasks of the Regiment are directly related to the advancement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Southern Front. If it is possible, you will learn about the results of the work of the Regiment's fighters from our messages. There are no losses or seriously wounded among the soldiers of the Regiment this week.

On August 6, in the heart of Warsaw - on Defilad square - a big concert of Belarusian artists took place in support of our soldiers. This event took place thanks to the cooperation of the Belarusian Solidarity Center, the Mobilization Center of the Kalinoŭski Regiment and the Warsaw City Hall. During the concert, everyone had the opportunity to donate to the needs of the volunteers of the Kalinoŭski Regiment. We express our gratitude to everyone who helps us move towards victory

In the Ukrainian city of Rivne, a street named after Kastus Kalinoŭski appeared. In this way, the residents of the city decided to honor the memory of the national hero of Belarus, in whose honor our Regiment is named. Our soldiers took part in the event.

Kalinoŭski Regiment got a regimental flag. Vilnius Belarusians made this main combat symbol of the military unit according to all established canons. The regimental flag was consecrated in the cathedral in Vilnius and presented to the representatives of the Regiment on behalf of the Rada BNR.

In the Kalinoŭski Regiment, a military ritual was held to accept the award of the fallen commander. Pavel Volat's medal was handed over to his mother Natalia. Also on this day, the recruits of the Kalinoŭski Regiment took a solemn oath of loyalty to Belarus and swore to fight for its freedom and independence.

Let's move on to answering your questions that have come to us since the previous press release.

After the Regiment's official notification that its representatives do not take part in the work of the conference "New Belarus", which took place in Vilnius on August 8-9, we received a lot of questions about the reasons why the Regiment decided not to delegate its representatives to this forum.

We inform you that the Kastus Kalinoŭski Regiment is a military unit within the Armed Forces of Ukraine and performs combat missions at the front. Issues directly related to military affairs were not on the agenda of the conference “New Belarus”. This conference was not planned as a specialized military forum. For this reason, the Regiment decided not to participate in the conference “New Belarus”.

We emphasize: the Kalinouski Regiment will never give up its strategic goal - the liberation of Belarus. Regiment's participation in the liberation of Ukraine is the path to the liberation of Belarus.

During the work of the conference, the United Transitional Cabinet was formed, which should "protect the sovereignty and independence of Belarus and ensure the transition from dictatorship to democracy." The four most important representatives of the cabinet were also appointed, including the "war minister". Our subscribers are interested: what is the attitude of the Kalinouski Regiment towards the lieutenant colonel of the reserve of airborne forces, the former commander of the 38th Brest Airborne Assault Brigade Valery Sahaschik, who will be responsible for defense and national security?

It will be possible to draw reasonable conclusions about the candidacy of the “war minister" only when he presents a specific program of concrete actions to protect the sovereignty and ensure the national security of Belarus. Based on the general statements that were made at the conference, it is impossible to judge how successful or unsuccessful the choice of candidacy for this important position is.

We are asked: which of the political forces in Belarus is considered the most serious by the Kalinouski Regiment, and with whom do we see prospects for close cooperation in the future?

The Kalinoŭski Regiment consists of people. It is clear that every fighter has the right to his views and therefore can support the ideas of different political parties and movements. The main thing is that all warriors are united by a common goal - the liberation of Belarus. We are moving towards this goal in a very certain way: we are carrying out combat tasks, fighting on Ukrainian territory with our common enemy - Russia. So far, no political force has proposed a concrete plan to liberate Belarus from internal and external occupation, based on which it would be possible to talk about the closeness of our vision of the situation and ways of solving it.

We are again being asked questions about the transfer of funds to The Kalinoŭski Regiment using the PayPal system. Why is it sometimes not possible to transfer funds to the address specified on Regiment's pages?

Unfortunately, such a problem does arise from time to time. Due to the policy of some sites and PayPal itself, our account is sometimes blocked and the transfer is not possible while the verification is in progress. If verification is delayed, we usually specify additional backup PayPal accounts.

Today, in the information section, we continue to tell you about the training that the recruits of the Kalinovsky Regiment undergo before going to the front.

One of the keys to the success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which are at war with the superior forces of the enemy, is the effective use of unmanned aerial vehicles in combat, or, as it is also called, a drone.

How do drones work in wartime? The combat drone is capable of carrying aviation munitions: missiles, anti-tank guided missiles and bombs. Also, drones are used for reconnaissance surveillance of the enemy, for identifying targets that are planned to be attacked, and for tracking them. Drones are usually controlled in real time, but they can operate with varying levels of autonomy.

Our soldiers also have such combat "birds". Our fighters already have the experience of successfully using UAVs during combat operations. In each new formation of the training company, a part of the recruits goes through a training course on the control of combat and drones. Military experts claim that UAVs are gradually becoming the most dangerous and effective weapons on the modern battlefield. The war in Ukraine confirms this.

In the end, I would like to remind you that you can send your questions through the contacts that you can see on the screen and in the description of the video. Media representatives, please contact us using the same contacts.

You can also support the Regiment by donating or volunteering.

You can learn more about all the important events in the life of the Regiment, which we cover in the press release, from the publications on our social networks and on the official website of the Regiment.

Thank you for your attention. And see you next Monday.

Long live Belarus!

Glory to Ukraine!

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