The Kastus Kalinoŭski Regiment

The Kastus Kalinoŭski Regiment (until May 21, 2022 – the Kastus Kalinoŭski Battalion) is a military formation within the Armed Forces of Ukraine, created in March 2022 to protect Ukraine from Russian invasion. It consists of Belarusian volunteers.

It got its name in honor of Kastus Kalinoŭski, the leader of the national liberation uprising of 1863-1864 on the Belarusian-Lithuanian lands of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth against Russian domination. He is a national hero of Belarus.

The Regiment consists of the "Volat" battalion and the "Litvin" battalion.

Volunteers of the Kalinoŭski Regiment consider Russia to be a common enemy of Belarus and Ukraine. The liberation of Ukraine from the Russian invaders will inevitably lead to the weakening and, as we hope, the beginning of the collapse of the Putin regime. This will make it possible to put an end to the history of the existence of Lukashenko's regime in Belarus. This is the mission of the Kalinoŭski Regiment: "Liberation of Belarus through the liberation of Ukraine."

Strategic goals

Paying attention to the centuries-old historical European heritage, being mentally, geographically and historically a part of Europe, the Belarusian Regiment named after Katusius Kalinowski sees the future of the Belarusian nation as an integral cultural, political, military and economic part of the European space. Our neighbors - Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, with whom we are connected by the history of common statehood, have long been friends of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty.

Ukraine, whose independence we defend today, has declared its firm intention to become part of the EU and NATO. That is why we believe that the natural goal for Belarus is to strive to join the European Union and become a part of NATO. Based on recent events, we see that the countries of the Baltic-Black Sea region are our natural allies.

This actualizes the issue of the creation of the Baltic-Black Sea community.

The European development vector of Belarus can be ensured only after the de-occupation of our state from Russian troops and the dismantling of Lukashenko's internal dictatorial regime.

As the experience of Ukraine has shown, it is possible to defeat the enemy using modern weapons, the latest technologies and better organization. As of today, only the countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization can provide such support. The NATO block is a military guarantor of security for most European countries, whose military potential is many times smaller than Russia's. Relying on military cooperation with NATO countries, as our natural allies, we will have iron arguments for a winning plan in our hands.

The oath of Belarusian volunteers

Belarus! My Motherland! I swear to free and defend You where I am now and where the fate of Your liberation will lead me.

Fight to victory for Your freedom, as our ancestors fought against the Ordinian oppression of the Muscovites near Orsha, Smolensk, Polonka.

It is merciless to chase the rootless people of Your lands, as they chased the warriors of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Belarusian nobility, the scythemen of Kościuszko and the rebels of Kalinoŭski, the soldiers of the People's Republic and the partisans of the Resistance.

Defend the blood of Your nation, the power of Your land and the divine spirit of Your existence.

In the ranks of free brothers and in captivity, in the homeland and in exile, in battle and in the underground, let my hands grip the weapons until the gallows finish squeezing the necks of Your sons.

Let the clang of my shutter not stop until the clang of the bars is heard behind the backs of Your heroes.

Let me have enough life to take revenge for all your tortured, raped and killed children. Until the last shine of Your rivers in my eyes, while the trample of the Chase is heard in my heart.

Live for You, die for You, and revive Your greatness.

Long live Belarus!

Live forever!

History of the Kalinoŭski Regiment

March 2,

After the open attack of Russia on Ukraine on March 2, 2022, the first company was formed in the Ukrainian army, consisting of foreigners, namely Belarusians. Initially, it included about 40 people. Three days later, on March 5, Ukraine was defended by 200 Belarusian volunteers, another 300 Belarusians ready to join the Foreign Legion were in Poland.

March 3,

Belarusian volunteer Ilya "Litvin" died in defensive battles on the approaches to Kyiv. He became the first Belarusian volunteer to die since the beginning of the full-scale war with Russia. Ilya "Litvin" stood at the origins of the Belarusian volunteer movement and one of the Regiment's battalions is named after him.

March 9,

Belarusian volunteers announced their unification into the battalion named after Kastus Kalinoŭski. The main task of the Battalion: today we are defending Ukraine, tomorrow we will liberate Belarus.

March 24, 2022

Zmytser Apanasovich, a soldier of the Kastus Kalinoŭski battalion, with the call sign "Terror", died of a combat wound near the city of Irpin. On this day, the battalion destroyed three BMPs of the Russian invaders, but Apanasovich was seriously wounded. It was not possible to save his life.

March 25, 2022

On March 25, 2022, on Freedom Day, the Belarusian volunteers of the battalion named after Kastus Kalinoŭski took a solemn vow to liberate and defend Belarus: "As long as the stomping of Pursuit is heard in my heart - to live for you, to die for you, to revive your greatness! Long live Belarus!" The Kalinoŭski battalion became part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The words of the oath sounded in the Belarusian language, the Kalinoŭski's warriors swore to the memory of their famous ancestors who fought for the freedom of their people and their homeland for centuries.

May 15,

During the liberation operation of an Ukrainian village from the Russian invaders, the commander of the reconnaissance company of the Kastus Kalinoŭski battalion Paval with the call sign "Volat" was mortally wounded.

May 21,

The battalion announced the creation of the Belarusian regiment named after Kastus Kalinoŭski, which will include two combat battalions.

June 4,

The Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine honored the fighters of the regiment named after Kastus Kalinoŭski with the awards "For combat merit" and "Ukraine - above all!" - for the unimaginable courage shown during the execution of combat tasks.

June 17,

Fighters of the Kastus Kalinoŭski regiment received the Ukrainian state awards "For combat merits" and "Ukraine above all".

June 26,

In the battles near Lisichansk, the commander of the Volat battalion Ivan Marchuk with the call sign "Brest" was killed. Vasyl "Syabro" Parfyankov and Vadim "Papik" Shatrov are officially considered missing. Vasyl "Atam" Grudovik received life-threatening injuries. Jan "Trombley" Dzurbeyka and Sergey "Klesch" Degtsev were captured by the Russians.

July 28,

The "Volat" battalion performed the tasks assigned to it in the Southern direction. The soldiers were preparing for the assault on the position where the units of the Russian troops were entrenched. For ten days, the fighters of the engineering and sapper group of the "Volat" battalion secretly laid paths in the minefields for a successful operation. Despite the enemy's attempts to hold on to fortified positions, the assault that took place on July 28 was successful: another Ukrainian village was freed from the invaders.

September 23, 2022

The command of the Kalinoŭski Regiment announced the complete completion of the formation of the "Litvin" battalion.

November 7, 2022

A soldier of the Kalinouski Regiment died while performing a combat mission. Several of our soldiers were also wounded during this battle. They were evacuated from the battlefield and their lives are not in danger. The death of our brother is another victim of the Belarusian people in the war against Russian aggression.

December 6,

The union of the Kalinoŭski Regiment and Cyber-Partisans. A representative of the Cyber-Partisan entered the headquarters of the Kalinoŭski Regiment. The Kalinowski Regiment together with the Cyber-Partisans defined common goals and prepared a plan of complex actions that will bring victory over the dictatorships of Putin and Lukashenka.

March 9, 2023

A solemn event was held on the occasion of the anniversary of the formation of the Kalinowski Regiment. The soldiers received awards from the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, and also, for the first time in modern history, the Rada BNR awarded Belarusian soldiers with medals for combat merits.

The way of the fighter


You write to our chatbot @Rekrut_PKK_bot and reply to questions.


You are being verified. Within two weeks, our representatives will contact you and inform you about further actions.


You arrive at the headquarters of the Regiment in Ukraine. You pass an interview, get to know the commanders.


You join the training company and undergo training.

We never send untrained volunteers to the front, even if they themselves want.

Classes are held by discipline: general military training, tactical training by NATO methods, physical training, psychological training, tactical medicine, shooting training.

The basic training period is 4 weeks. Training in additional special military skills takes place during the entire period of service.


After completing the training, you sign a contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and begin the service.

According to your abilities and experience, you can choose different options for service: combat, guard, administrative service. Each of them is divided into internal, more detailed divisions according to the specifics of the activity.

Every Belarusian volunteer will be able to find his place in the Regiment, where his abilities will work at their maximum.

Join the regiment

To join the regiment, you need to fill out the form in our chatbot @Rekrut_PKK_bot and pass verification .

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Special recruitment


We invite you to join the ranks of paramedics if you have medical experience or are a medical specialist.

We have:

  • you will receive special training from qualified tactical medicine instructors and qualify as a paramedic;
  • after training, you will sign a contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, then you will receive a military ticket and a monthly salary;
  • the medical service of the Kalinoŭski Regiment works in the "yellow" and "green" zones and on ambulances.
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Auto mechanics

We invite you to join the ranks of car mechanics if you are over 18 years old, have experience in repairs and know how a car is arranged.

Your duties:

  • control of the technical condition of the car;
  • diagnosis of breakdowns and their elimination;

A contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be signed with you, you will receive a military ticket and a monthly salary.

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